I’ve written and edited copy for a huge variety of print and online content over the years, ranging from magazines, posters, booklets, and annual reports to visual guides, infographics, interactive guides/games, and websites.

Content – general

While at Yard, I project managed the monthly content production schedules for Sainsbury’s Bank.

In addition to working with the design team and various client stakeholders to deliver high quality content to set deadlines, this usually involved me drafting and/or editing copy for the content itself, as well as blog supporting copy. Examples include:

I also worked on content for many other clients at Yard, writing and editing the copy for the ROX Glasgow
Glasgow_guide_to_proposals editGuide to Proposals
 (an interactive map of useful places when planning a proposal), and the Kettler Indoor/Outdoor content hub (an online resource with lifestyle content about making the most of your garden), among other things.


I have crafted copy for and/or managed the content on numerous websites, using a variety of content management systems. This has included thinking about keywords and core messages, as well as crafting descriptive page titles, meta text and clear calls to action.

Examples of websites I’ve written for, and/or managed, include:


www.experienceenglish.com (ELC English)

Examples of live web pages with my writing:

Sainsbury’s Bank, Travel Money – Buy Euros
Sainsbury’s Bank, Undestading your cat
Kettler Indoor Outdoor guides
ROX Glasgow Guide to Proposals
ROX Edinburgh Guide to Proposals

Social marketing

I have set up (or helped set up) a number of social media networks and blogs for commercial businesses, charitable organisations and interest groups, and created content for many more. Some examples:

Civil Disobedience on Facebook
Civil Disobedience on Twitter
Civil Disobedience on Instagram
Andrews Fashion Festival (STAFF) on Twitter

St Andrews Fashion Festival on Instagram
Money Matters – the Sainsbury’s Bank blog
LGBT icons blog

LGBT icons Facebook page
Experience English (ELC English) Facebook page
Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

News articles, features, columns & print

I have placed copy and been published in a spread of publications, as a writer and PR representative, including Edinburgh Evening News, The Observer Food Magazine, Firm Magazine, Positive Nation, Base Magazine and Third Force News.


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